family of kids playing at home

To Camp

First things first,  Camp Covid is not a physical location but a collection of ideas to keep your kids busy while maintaining social distancing.  Each camp week contains activities and supply lists to make planning your stay at home adventure easy.

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Social Media

We need your help, ideas and support  to build an awesome  Camp Covid community.   There are several ways to do that.  

  1. Join Our Facebook Group:  We will share ideas of great ways to keep our little ones engaged as well as provide support and community.
  2. Follow us on Pinterest:  A parents best friend  for new ideas during this time.  We are always posting something.    You don’t want to miss out. 
  3. Hang out with us on Instagram:  Another cool way to stay connected and possibly engage in some contest and fun.
  4. Join our mailing list: While our main communication avenues will be our social media platforms.  We may send out updates from time to time via email that you don’t want to miss   We promise we won’t sell or share your info.