Best of Camp Covid

Day of the week Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Arts / Crafts Food/Snacks  Monday Water balloon baseball Imhotep  Make a Piñata Kid Mocktails    Tuesday Flag Football Gross Science Kit Karakuri Penguin  Cucumber sushi    Wednesday Water balloon  fight Stinky Pig Dragon / Fairy  Eggs   Color Sugar Bowl   Thursday FILM MOVIE Film Movie Film Movie Fairy … Read moreBest of Camp Covid

Glam Camp

At the request of my favorite girl, this week is Glam Camp.  My little princess has been  craving mommy /daughter time.  So during this week, we will  be feeding our minds  with lessons about some awesome  women who have made their marks on this world,  our bellies with some delicious meals  and our spirits with … Read moreGlam Camp

Sports Camp

Focusing  on a different sport each day of the week, Sports camp is a week full of action packed  drills, games and  fun.   We hope you will join us  in getting outdoors and and exploring basketball, football, baseball, soccer and some traditional backyard games.  Some highlights for the week include:     basketball pong … Read moreSports Camp

Movie Making Camp

Day of the week Topic Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Monday  Script Writing Whoosh Ball  Draft The Script     Tuesday Props & Costumes Ninja  Create the costumes     Wednesday Set Creation Stepping Stones.   Build the Set     Thursday  Rehearsal and Filming Seal Ball  Film     Friday  Edit & Screening Praise Edit … Read moreMovie Making Camp

Science Camp

Day of the week Topics/Resources  Outdoor Activities Science Activity   Art/Craft Food Experiment  Monday  Germs/Bacteria Sid the Science Kid Song Bacteria Tag Swab & Grow Bacteria Experiment.  Lab Coat Design  Edible Bacteria  Tuesday Fire & Ice   Ice Break (Freeze and remove items from a block of ice)   Dragon Fire (Green)Fire Snake   Ice Cube Igloos ice … Read moreScience Camp

Wilderness Camp

Click the orange links for more info about each activity.  Day of the week Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Art/Craft Food Snack Monday  Build a shelter Or Create  Hula hoop tents   DIY First Aid Kits   Leaf Luminaries  Homemade granola    Tuesday  Build a River  Camp Charades  Make a boat   Air fryer beef jerky    Wednesday  Outdoor … Read moreWilderness Camp

Medieval Camp

Click the orange links for more info about each activity.  Day of the week  Themes  Outdoor Activities Indoor Activities Art/Craft Food Snack Monday Royalty   Maypole   Build a CastleLego  Cardboard Castle    Princess Hat  Paper Crown   Home Made Pretzels  Tuesday  Fighters  Water Balloon Jousting   Nine Mens Morris Instructions Shield & Sword  Turkey Legs,   Wednesday … Read moreMedieval Camp

Maker Camp

         Maker camp is all about using your imagination to create whatever your heart desires.  Each day will focus on a different medium and include ideas to inspire you to create something, anything, using that medium.       The art projects are included as examples.  Feel free to copy them or to … Read moreMaker Camp

Camp Wet N Wild

SCHOOLS OUT FOR SUMMER!  And yes, I am totally singing that instead of saying it.  While you navigate whether or not the neighborhood  pool will cool you off or give you a deadly cough induced virus, Camp Wet N WilD  will provide you with some awesome ideas to keep you wet but safe this summer. … Read moreCamp Wet N Wild